🎧 Podcast #3: Tech and Antitrust

🎧 Podcast #3: Tech and Antitrust

Hey everyone --

Happy Friday and welcome to the third episode of the Techonomics Podcast!

This week

In this episode, Arun and I dive into Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the antitrust allegations they are facing. We look specifically at the differences in the allegations, why we believe they do or do not hold up, and what the future of antitrust will look like for tech. Plus, don't miss the hot takes on a few news bits from last week.

How it works

Arun and I will be putting out this podcast every other week. Each podcast will dive into content you see on Techonomics. We will have a healthy conversation exploring a topic in more detail. Each episode will be 30 minutes to an hour.

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Thank you

Lastly, Arun and I want to thank the paying subscribers for giving specific feedback on what we can improve and build upon from the first two episodes.

Now that we have a few episodes under our belt, we want to share with everyone else that subscribes to Techonomics. We are excited.

We hope you enjoy!

- Jake and Arun