🚴 #35 Inside KAV's 3D Printed Helmets

🚴 #35 Inside KAV's 3D Printed Helmets
Whitman Kwok, CEO and Founder of KAV

Hey everyone –

We’re thrilled to kick off the latest season of the Techonomics podcast by featuring Whitman Kwok, founder and CEO of KAV.

Whitman's diverse background (from rocket engine research to multiple tech startups), his cycling passion, and the need to combat sports concussions inspired Whitman to start KAV. The goal: create helmets that are exceptionally safe, stylish, and comfortable.

KAV Helmets combines precision manufacturing with a personal, custom touch – ensuring superior safety, comfort, and looks using:

Custom Polymers: Better energy management, cooling, and reduced weight.
AI-Driven Fit: A perfect, tailor-made fit using three selfies and AI.
3D Printing: Green, made-to-order production in Silicon Valley.

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Big thanks to Whitman Kwok for joining us. Wear your helmet, stay safe, and look fly!

-- Jake & Arun