🧠 #28 Career Coaching for an Analytical Mind

🧠 #28 Career Coaching for an Analytical Mind

Hey everyone --

We have a special episode ready for a listen and didn't want to wait another week to publish!

In our 28th publication of the Techonomics podcast, Arun and I had the pleasure of speaking with Lindsay Gordon, the founder of A Life of Options and a career coach for analytically minded people. She also happens to be a newly minted author with her book, Right for YOU.

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This episode is special for a few reasons:

  • Lindsay's specialty in coaching and tips/tricks in the episode are a perfect fit for Techonomics listeners – the analytically minded.
  • Arun and I get vulnerable with things we struggle with and enlist Lindsay's help. We all have growth areas we are working on, and it's great to have someone like Lindsay coach us through them.
  • She wrote her amazing new book in under a week. You can learn from Lindsay's inspiring process to push herself.

You won't want to miss it – and if you have follow up questions for Lindsay after the show, feel free to reach out to her at coaching@alifeofoptions.com.


-- Jake & Arun