🦾 #15 Investing in the Future of Tech w/ Ivan Kirigin

🦾 #15 Investing in the Future of Tech w/ Ivan Kirigin

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Hey there – and welcome to our 15th Techonomics podcast!

This is a big episode for Arun and me, not just because we are extremely excited about the guest we have for you this week, but because many podcasts don't make it this far. It's been said that half of all podcasts have 14 or fewer episodes. We just hit 15. Thanks to you for helping us make that happen.

Now, onto this episode.

Ivan Kirigin is the founder of the Venture Capital firm, Tango that specializes in Machine Learning and Robotics. In our 15th episode, Ivan sat down with Arun and me to talk about venture capital, what it's like going through Y Combinator as a previous founder, his vision of the future of technology, and how Tango is doing things differently to fund companies that are improving the world.

We hope you enjoy it!

-- Jake and Arun